It is estimated that the majority of major corporations, governments, military, national security organizations, police, financial institutions, communication networks and critical infrastructures are being hacked on a daily basis.

We live in a digital world where criminal organizations and foreign governments employ hundreds of Hackers with a mission to steal intellectual property, trade, military and government secrets. Hackers are much more sophisticated and are quite successful in breaching typical IT Security Systems. Your data is increasingly accessed anytime and anywhere and often resides in the cloud. Fewer access points are securely-controlled, and there is a growing digital data explosion while the compliance demands on staff and systems escalate.

These dangerous piracy trends mean IT security can no longer be an afterthought where a secure perimeter is good enough. Instead, protecting data at the file level provides the ultimate type of piracy protection. It is now imperative that your company or organization take a serious look at a revolutionary new piracy protection system technology that is miles apart from conventional, unsecure DRM, IRM and encryption technologies.