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Vidyo is the leader in personal telepresence. We unlock the power of video conferencing to flow naturally through today's border less organizations. Now everyone can enjoy a telepresence -quality experience whether they're connecting from a smartphone at a Airport, desktop anywhere in the world or a telepresence room in Singapore. there's no need for expensive hardware and proprietary networks anymore, because Vidyo delivers HD quality video conferencing over everyday IP networks using of-the-shelf equipment. Why compromise when you can have incredible quality, reach and cost savings with Vidyo.


at Vidyo, we view HD quality video conferencing as a natural extension of the way people work and our products show - From infrastructure components that encourage easy access and control to a range of endpoint applications that support the PCs, smartphones and tablets that people are using now. Our customers appreciate how Vidyo Conferencing brings them face-to-face with colleagues, customers and partners to brainstorm, collaborate on projects and accomplish great things.