Using your phone in CTI Mode

Controlling your Desk Phone from your PC desktop

Note: CTI Mode works only with Fanvil, snom and Yealink phones.


3CXPhone for Windows allows you to control your Desk Phone from your PC desktop, giving you amazing productivity. When 3CXPhone is controlling your Desk Phone it is in Desk Phone (CTI) mode. The following actions can be remotely performed on deskphones:

  • Initiate calls with a mouse click – no retyping of phone number.
  • Easy call transfer.
  • Create conference calls with a few mouse clicks.


Important note: When using Desk Phone (CTI) mode, all calls will be received on your Desk Phone and all numbers dialed from 3CXPhone will be sent to the Desk Phone. Answered calls are answered on the Desk Phone and not on the computer. Desk Phone (CTI) mode works only with Snom and Yealink phones.


CTI or Softphone mode?

When you are using SoftPhone mode all calls will be made to and from the 3CXPhone client itself. Audio will pass via the detected audio driver configured in 3CXPhone for Windows or the default Windows Audio device driver used for recording or playback. Hardware headset integration is available only when using 3CXPhone for Windows in softphone mode.


Switching to Desk Phone (CTI) Mode

Important: In order to use Desk Phone CTI mode you have to have the 3CXPhone client AND a Desk Phone configured on the SAME extension. In addition, after you switch to CTI for the first time, dial a number in the 3CXPhone dial screen and you will see a dialog on the screen of your hard-phone asking you if you want to allow remote control of the phone. Select “Yes” on your Desk Phone. Desk Phone mode is only available in 3CXPhone for Windows.


To switch to CTI Mode from Phone mode:



From the row of buttons right below the dial screen (right below the 3CX Logo) click on the icon that looks like a telephone. Select “CTI Mode” from the drop down menu.

Making a Call in CTI Mode

  1. Switch 3CXPhone to Desk Phone (CTI) mode as described above.
  2. Dial the extension or the number you want to call on the 3CXPhone dial pad.
  3. Press the “Call” button. You will then see your Desk Phone dialing the number and making the call.

Receiving a Call in CTI Mode

Three options are available:

  • Answer the call.
  • Decline (Reject) the call (the call is forwarded according to your forwarding rules).
  • Divert to Voicemail.


Transferring a Call in CTI Mode

Note: Attended transfer is not currently possible while in CTI mode.


  1. Answer the incoming call.
  2. Click on the “Transfer button.
  3. Dial the extension that you want to transfer the call to.
  4. Click the “Transfer  button to complete the transfer.

Attended Transfer in CTI Mode (Available only to v12.5 users)

  1. Answer the incoming call.
  2. Click the “Attended Transfer button.
  3. Dial the extension that you want to transfer the call to.
  4. Announce the call to the transfer recipient.
  5. Click the “Transfer button to complete the transfer.