Advanced Features

Advanced Settings - 3CXPhone for Windows


The advanced features for 3CXPhone for Windows give you greater flexibility to customise the call experience and settings to meet your needs.

To access Advanced settings on 3CXPhone for Windows, click the “Settings icon.


Call Forwarding

Configure your forwarding rules.


Configure Accounts

If multiple accounts are configured, you can choose which one will be active (able to make and receive calls) by checking the checkbox and pressing “Back←.



Manage your recorded conversations.


Audio Options

3CXPhone for Windows provides you with the following options:

  • Echo Cancellation: When enabled, it will cancel out any echo heard during calls.
  • Silence Detection: When enabled, 3CXPhone will conserve bandwidth by not sending data when detecting silence. Might impede sound quality when enabled.
  • Microphone Gain: If the other party cannot hear you clearly you can increase your microphone gain to amplify the volume of your voice.

Audio Devices

  • Microphone: Select the microphone source from which 3CXPhone will receive audio. Default: Primary Sound Driver.
  • Speaker: Select the speaker destination from which you will hear the call. This could be a USB headset or Speakers. Default: Primary Sound Driver.
  • Ringing: Select the destination from which you will hear 3CXPhone ringing. Ex. 3CXPhone can ring from speakers attached on your PC and the call can be heard through a USB headset.


Hot Keys

The Hot Key functionality allows you to highlight a number and by pressing the Hot Key combination that number will be copied to your 3CXPhone. For information on how to use and setup the Hot Key functionality visit our Hot Key article.




  • Focus: If checked 3CXPhone will always steal focus when an incoming call is received.
  • External Application: This option is used to enable and control communication between 3CXPhone and 3rd party applications.


Enable and select the language in which 3CXPhone interface will be displayed.



Choose from one of the available themes to change the way 3CXPhone for Windows looks.