How to use the chat feature

Corporate Chat


You can chat with colleagues via 3CXPhone.

To Start a Chat

  1. Click or tap the “Chat icon on the bottom row. On Android scroll the bottom line of icons to the left to see the chat icon.
  2. Select “Compose”.
  3. This will bring up your extension list. Search or scroll to find the extension that you want to chat with and select it. After you select the extension click “Done”.
  4. Click on the entry field at the bottom of the chat window and start writing your message. Press “Send to send your message.

To Continue a Chat

To continue a chat, press the “Chat icon to go to your chat list. This list contains a record of all your conversations.

  1. To continue a conversation double click on it, or if you want to start chatting with another extension select “Compose” or click  and select an extension to start a new chat.
  2. The chat window will appear, showing the previous conversations with that individual.