Call History and Recording

Call History


The Call History tab shows all your outbound, inbound and missed calls. For each call you can see the date and time, the number, the caller name (if known) and the call type.



To view the Call History click on the “Call History icon on the bottom row of icons in 3CXPhone for Windows. There are three types of calls:

  • Missed Calls
  • Incoming Calls
  • Outgoing Calls


Calls can be filtered using the buttons at the bottom (Windows, iPhone) or top (Android) of the call history list. The chosen filter (All, Incoming, Outgoing, Missed and Abandoned Queue Calls) is highlighted to indicate that it is selected.


Refreshing or Clearing the Call History (3CXPhone for Windows only)

You can clear or refresh the call history by clicking on the “Trash Can” or the “Arrow” icon.




In order to record a call, you must have the specific rights on the 3CX Phone System. Talk with your administrator if you wish to record calls.


Important note: When the 3CXPhone for Windows client is in Softphone mode, a recording can be started, stopped, and then restarted and stopped again if needed. In Desk Phone mode once the recording has started it ends only when the call ends.


Recording a Conversation in 3CXPhone

  1. During a call, press the “Record button at any point to start recording the conversation.
  2. Once recording is in progress the recording button will turn blue . Press the “Record” button again to finish recording.


Note: You can make multiple recordings during a call.

Recording a Conference

Recording a Conference that You Created

  1. Start a conference call. For information on how to do this please see the “Create a Conference Call from 3CXPhone for Windows, Android, iPhone” section of the online manual.
  2. After your contacts have joined in (at least one contact) click or tap the keypad  icon on the bottom row of icons to go to your dial-pad screen.


  1. Press the “Record button to start recording the conference. Press the same button again to stop recording.

Recording a Conference that You Joined

Recording a conference that you were invited to participate is no different to recording a call, so please refer to the “Recording a Conversation in 3CXPhone” section of this page.