Using the 3cx phonebook

Using The 3CX Phonebook

Click on the “Contacts icon at the bottom row of icons to access the phonebook. You will see the phonebook entries along with their respective icons indicating the type of each contact. There are four types of contacts in the 3CX Phonebook (contact list):

  • Company Contacts: These are contacts retrieved from the 3CX Phone System.
  • Personal Contacts: These are contacts added by the user and can be seen only in the users client.
  • Extensions : Your company extensions.
  • Mobile Phone Contacts Android , iPhone: Contacts retrieved from the user’s mobile phone.


Note: To be able to add, or edit company contacts you must be given the right to do so by the 3CX Phone system administrator.


Adding Contacts

  1. While at the phonebook tab, click on “+” top right.
  2. In the new 3CX contact screen fill in contact’s details.
  3. If you have the rights to create company contacts you can select to check the “Add to company phonebook” option. This option will save the contact to the Company Phonebook, allowing all users within the company to access it.
  4. Click on “Ok to save the contact.


Searching for a Contact in the 3CXPhone Phonebook

  1. In the search field at the top of the contact list start typing in the name, last name or beginning of mobile telephone number, extension number, home number or even email address. The contact list will begin to filter and show results as you type.
  2. Select the contact and double click on it to go to the contact details screen, or right click on the contact and select the desired action from the drop down list.