Managing Que Calls using extended presence screen

Managing Queue Calls


The expanded presence screen allows you to easily manage and manipulate (according to your rights) your queue calls in real time. To manage queue calls follow these steps:



  1. When you have an incoming queue call you will see the call in the active calls list and in the selected queue call list (highlighted in red above). You can also see which agents are online for each queue and you can log out agents from the queue by right clicking on their extension and then selecting “Log out from queue” or “Login to queue”. Next to each agent’s extension and name you will see their status, how many calls they answered, when they last logged in/out from the queue and the total talking time.



  1. Once the call has been answered, you can right click on it to:
  • Transfer the call to a particular extension,
  • Transfer to voice mail,
  • Drop it,
  • Park it so someone else can pick it up, or
  • Record it for later use.