Using Presence / Status

Using Presence/Status


The Presence/Status feature allows you to inform users of 3CXPhone about your current status and controls how your calls are handled. For example if you are in a meeting, you can set your status to Away so that calls will be automatically diverted to another extension or to your voice mail. Your current status is displayed in the Presence tab of 3CXPhone users that are on the same company network.


In the Presence tab you can see the status of other 3CXPhone users. If for example you want to transfer a client call to an extension, you can first check and see if that extension is busy and then make the transfer, or transfer it to another extension.


Setting your Presence (Status) Manually



  1. Click or tap on the status area, top right above the 3CX logo.
  2. From the menu, select your desired status and click on it. On the iPhone press “Done” to apply:
  • Available – you are at your desk and available to take calls.
  • Away – generally used when you are away from your desk.
  • Out of Office – used when you are physically out of the office.
  • Custom #1 – a custom online status that can be configured when setting its forwarding rules.
  • Custom #2 – a custom out of office status that can be configured when setting its forwarding rules.
  1. You may also type a custom status message to go along with your selected status. For example you can set your presence to “Away and the custom status message to “In a business meeting” to provide more information.

Setting a Custom Status

In addition to Presence (Available, Away, Out of Office) you can set a custom status to provide more information to your colleagues. For example, selecting “Away” and adding “In a meeting”.

  • For Windows select your status, and press “>”. Enter your custom status and click “OK”.
  • For Android and iPhone long press on your status and enter the custom message in the dialog.


Note: You can set the names of Custom #1 and Custom #2 by pressing “>” and entering the custom presence name.


In or Out of Office?

3CXPhone for Windows is capable of automatically detecting whether you are in or out of office (based on your IP) and will automatically switch to the appropriate setting. You can also change it manually:

  1. Click on the “In office icon .
  2. Select “Out of office” from the menu. The In office icon should switch to the Out of office icon (a house icon) confirming the change.
  3. Follow the same procedure to switch from “Out of office” to “In Office”.


Setting your Presence (Status) Automatically

You can have your status set to “Out of office”, “Available” or “Away” automatically based on your office hours. This has to be done by the Administrator through the 3CX Phone System. Ask your administrator about this feature. During office hours you will be logged in as “Available” and when your office hours end your 3CXPhone will switch its status to “Out of office” automatically. You will be logged out of queues and inbound calls will be blocked.


Seeing the Presence/Status of your Colleagues

Presence allows you to check the status of an extension so that you are aware of who is Busy, who is Available and who is Away. This is especially useful when you are dealing with customers and queues as in the case of trying to transfer a customer to another extension. If you can instantly see the status of each agent then you can transfer the call faster and easier which means your workload is lighter, you perform faster and the customer benefits from a smoother experience and service.


The presence menu also allows you to interact with other extensions:

  1. Click on the “Presence icon in the bottom row of icons.



  1. You will see the list with the 3CX Phone System extension groups and their statuses.
  2. Select the extension that you want to interact with and double click or tap to call or, click on “>” to see Contact Details for more actions.