Making Calls Using Hot Keys

Making Calls Using Hot Keys (3CXPhone for Windows)


The Hot Key functionality allows you to highlight a number and by pressing the Hot Key combination that number will be copied to your 3CXPhone. Click the “Call” button or hit “Enter” to dial.

Configuring Hot Keys

  1. Click the “Gears icon  to access Settings.
  2. Click on “Hot Keys” to access the Hot Key settings.
  3. By default Hot Key functionality will not be enabled. Click on the “Enable keyboard shortcut check-box to enable Hot Key functionality.
  4. Select the key combination that will serve as your Hot Key. You can combine Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys along with letters and numbers. Letters, numbers and special function keys (insert, delete, page up, page down and others) have to be combined with Crtl, Alt and Shift keys in order to create a Hot Key. F1 - F12 keys do not have this limitation.
  5. In this example we selected Shift+V to serve as the Hot Key.
  6. Press “Ok” to save.


Making a Call Using the Hot Key

  1. Open a web page, text document or any other file and highlight the number that you want to dial.
  2. Press “Shift+V. The number will be copied automatically on your 3CXPhone for Windows dial-pad screen.
  3. Click the “Call” button to dial the number.