Checking And Managing your Voice Mail

Checking and Managing your Voice Mail from 3CXPhone




When your extension is busy, cannot be reached or you choose not to take a call, callers have the option to leave a voice message on your extension (according to your forwarding options). These messages are stored in chronological order and can be accessed from your desk phone, smartphone, or directly from 3CXPhone. If you have unheard voicemails, a blue envelope icon shows on your 3CXPhone Dial Screen. To check your voicemails:

  1. From the Dial Screen, click the “Voicemails” icon  to see your unheard voice mail list.
  2. This tab shows all the voice mails in your Voice Mail inbox.
  • Windows, Android: Unheard voice mails are shown in blue. Heard voice mails are shown in grey.
  • iPhone: Unheard voice mails are shown in red. Heard voice mails are shown in black.
  1. Double click, right-click or tap on a voice mail to bring up the options menu and select:
  • Play – this downloads the voice mail as a .WAV file and will automatically play it on your PC.
  • Play on Phone:
  • In Softphone mode 3CXPhone will receive an incoming call from Caller ID “Playfile”. Answer to listen to your voicemail through your device’s speakers.
  • In Desk Phone (CTI) mode, your desk phone will receive an incoming call from Caller ID “Playfile” through which the voice mail will play after you answer it.
  1. On the dial pad screen the blue envelope will now have turned white, meaning you have no new voice mails.


Note: You can also check your voice mail by dialing “999” from your 3CXPhone and following the voice prompts.


Manage your Voice Mail

Along with the Play options, you can manage your voice mail by selecting any of the following:

  • Call – This option will call back the contact/number that left you the voice mail.
  • Mark as Heard – Marks the selected voice mail as heard.
  • Mark as Unheard – Marks the selected voice mail as unheard.
  • Delete Voicemail – Deletes the selected voice mail.


Leaving Voicemail to a Particular Extension

To leave a message in a Voice mail of a particular Extension:

Dial *4<extension number>

For example, *4100, will leave a voice mail message for extension 100.